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In mid-1991, under the impulse of Josep Bassa Bataller and Josep Oriola Gros, a group of Catalans who were fond of classic cars and mostly owning an MG car, had the following initiative, bringing together owners of MG's with their respective cars to share common hobbies Starting from this idea and taking advantage of the popularity of the Llotja de Sils, some simple forms were distributed there. These were also sent to the components of a list of alleged owners of MG's and, from here, an answer was expected to decide what action to take in this regard.

The objectives of this association were:

• Exchange of information about the cars of the MG brand, spare parts, accessories and special preparations.

• Creation of a logo for the association, which together with that of the brand will be promoted by inserting it in: letter heather, posters, clothes, spare parts and all kinds of objects that may be linked to our hobby.

• Organization of excursions on regional roads with our cars with a route of between 100 and 200 km, ending with a meal that allows us to talk about our hobby

With the clear ideas and the spirit at high revs, all those who had expressed their interest in the project were summoned to a trip to Montseny at a specific day and time. The meeting for the departure took place in the existing plaza in front of the Palacio de Pedralbes, on October 19, 1991.

Participated 26 MGs that prudent and expectant, were arriving at the point of departure with the emotion similar to the one that feels that makes a first appointment. Will you like me? Will I like them?

The organizing team, fearful of the reliability of the mechanics of any of the vehicles gathered, had hired a tow truck to follow the group and give greater security to the drivers.

It was a memorable day, as the reunion between friends long forgotten, to speak again and be heard, timidly start to appreciate that our old car, 30, 40 years, which are a lot, is not old, is 'classic' feel rebirth the illusion for work on it, and for him, photos, anecdotes, projects ...

That night, when we closed our car in the garage, we did so with the awareness that a new stage had begun, that the car-owner relationship had changed, expanding its raison d'être. So much so that in the next meeting that took place the following November 14 with which we had started the experiment, it was agreed to found the CLUB MG CATALUNYA.

Our Club is registered in the Register of Sports Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with number 13212, in the FEVA (Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles) with number 23 and likewise in the FCVA (Federació Catalana de Vehicles Antics).

At present the Club MG de Catalunya has 125 active members and with 28 years of life. It is a Club that performs regular outings and reunion dinners.

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